So what do we need here?  ASUS 2011 release, c core I 7 up to speed.  

That the application that was AIDA64 was began by me, also opened the tab.  The temperature was normal — as I suspected.  Internal”system equilibrium test” is likewise not especially increased the temperature of the CPU and graphics card — after one minute of the test it was stable at 60-65° C. it appears clear — overheating isn’t at what.  1e., in the” iron” plan any noticeable problems due to which the notebook could re boot itself-it wasn’t revealed.  I started to doubt, not confusingsome thing, maybenot”writes” if the client (it happens) and asked him to create action where the issue occurred.  

The laptop’s solution.  

Taking a look power requirements written on the label of the notebook computer, the main reason for that shutdown became evident.  Laptop”required” 18.5 V and 6.5 A, or 120 Watts, that was definitely more than gave worldwide power supply.  

I made my own guess to the client — and he agreed.  At the job, where he used that the charging had no problems!  

A deadend?  Is there a issue with the power circuits of the motherboard?  

The firm is not poor, but there is not anything to whine about, but the unit’s traits.  It was that the output signal is 1-9 V and 3.6 a DC, or ~70 W. (Understand physics — power=current*voltage).  

He opened browserwent in mail-click to the first letter, and also what exactly do you really think?  Notebook abruptly switched off (only went outside ( as happens with strong over-heating ).  It required 5 seconds and it started.  

Universal charger fspblock capacity, since it turned out, was the business FSP (a sus usually complete their notebooks original fees ).  

The notebook shuts down by itself when opening/sending email and then turns on again — what’s the reason?  

A shutdown of the notebook were speaking about some power source issues.  Look captured on the laptop power supply-for such a powerful laptop, it looked small.  Began to deal.  

Welcome readers of this blog mmm.  Today I would like to inform you regarding the solution of an unusual problem with a notebook computer, which I recently”puzzled” client.  

Naturally, after that there is a warning which the job had been done incorrectly, and also” Windows” offered to check the disk for errors.  

I started looking for the reason behind abrupt shutdowns and reboots.  

The problem proved itself quite strange: According to this user, unexpectedly turned off and if sending/viewing email through the browser on 3-4 letters, and also after minutes it self switched again.  

Notebookera thought that was Over-heating was overheating.  The only thing which confused-why it turns out?  Once the protection system has been activated, the laptop should only turn away once the temperature was touched, and after the shutdown, in this instance, then a reboot was performed.  But why miracle.  

The next idea.  Taking a look at its S. M. A. R. T. status, this variant also has disappeared — it had been 100% blank.  


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